Sunday Journal – “A Trip To The Clippers”

Today I received my first “post-shutdown” haircut, and it wasn’t noticeably different than the previous haircut I received over two months ago – except for the fact that my barber was wearing a mask…

This act of wearing a mask is only a sensible and precautious thing for barbers to do, providing the “experts” are correct regarding the effectiveness of masks, and God knows what experts we should believe anymore. I wore a mask, not because I wanted to, but because I wanted to be a living contradiction to the mainstream media’s latest narrative against the right, which goes something like : conservatives and Republicans just don’t care about the people getting Coronavirus, hence why they don’t wear masks.

It is likely that this notion is far from the truth. Perhaps it is the case that some conservatives and Republicans are simply more fond of their liberties and freedoms inshrined in the constitution, In comparison to what the fear-mongering mass media has to say concerning what they should be doing, how they should be doing it, and what contemptible – evil people they are if they refuse to follow “the rules.”

I also noticed very few people in the barbershop were wearing masks. I was quite surprised. In this group of people not wearing masks, was one of the barbers. Can you believe it? He was voluntarily defying the guidelines? Cutting hair without a mask is a violation of the rules! Should I have called the police? Should I have called the Sheriff’s office to have this Coronavirus-denying barbershop, quote, “shut down?” I suppose these might have seemed like rational things to do If I was a petty tyrant 🙂

Lastly, during my haircut, my barber asserted ; I think there is something big going on behind this whole crisis thing..” This was music to my ears. A sigh of relief slowly exhaled from my chest, at least I wasn’t the only one who had skepticism regarding the validity of this whole, supposed, crisis..?..

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught journalist and Christian apologist. He owns and operates his personal blog The Onlookers Publication :

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