Exploiting Lies For Political Gain And Destroying The Country In The Process

In the time comprising the last month, a large portion of Americans have been sold numerous lies and falsehoods by multiple political organizations, corrupt politicians, and disreputable news outlets. These lies (I could almost say) are innumerable in quantity, and those who have been engaged in circulating them are not interested in admitting to their dishonesty and deceitfulness, primarily for reasons that only concern them and their beneficiaries.

So what is one of the methods which we can utilize to determine when certain leaders and politicians have become corrupted? The simple answer is in this sentence ; whenever they begin excusing or justifying the unlawful behavior of their parties constituents in the name of forwarding their political agendas. A recent example would be from the mouth of a distinguished Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times author, Nicole Hannah Jones, who said about the George Floyd race-rioters earlier this month that “destroying property which can be replaced is not violence.” This statement was obviously made with the intent to counter, or more accurately, substitute the then-narrative that the “riots were indeed violent” with a politically advantageous narrative (particularly for left-wingers and Democrats) that the “rioters weren’t really being violent by destroying things.” Not only is the notion that “rioters are not violent” incomprehensible and absurd, it is an utter lie, and the fact that it came from the lips of a Pulitzer Prize winning author is shameful.

In another similar incident, which occurred today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) stated during an interview on MSNBC concerning the tearing down of statues, “It’s a healthy expression of people saying let’s get some priorities here and let’s remember the sin and mistake that this nation made and let’s not celebrate it.” Once again, violence (tearing down statues) is conflated with the “healthy expression” of a free people, when in actuality it is just violence independent of “healthy expression.” Some of the statues torn down recently are ones depicting such historical figures like, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, and World War II veterans, yet advocates of the current fictional “race-narrative” don’t appear overly concerned with there removal or destruction. I say this in hopes that my readers are able to recall who it was that issued the Emancipation Proclamation (Lincoln), who it was that conquered the South during the Civil War (Grant), and who it was that fought to ensure freedom here and abroad (veterans).

The Revolutionary Aspect Of BLM And The Democrat Party

The rationale, according to leftist’s for tearing down statues, destroying property, and committing acts of violence against people who disagree with them is based on two fundamental presuppositions ; (1) is that America is racist to the core, and (2) that the only way to rid it of it’s system-wide racism is to dismantle the entire country and restructure it to their liking. This “restructuring” of the system would of course cure the problem of racism, therefore eliminating the need for anarchists, looters, flag-burners, and statue wreckers. Either I’m full of it, or this exactly why they are doing what they are doing. But if we are searching for the reasons that are motivating Democrat politicians and other prominent left-leaning figures to encourage and advocate the continuance of these detestable acts committed by their ideological counterparts, we should look to the political gains they risk losing if they don’t.

Democrats And The Black Community

Democrats, of course, have a very important relationship with the black community. This relationship dates back to the 1960’s during the Civil Rights movement, when Democrats not only voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but also, during the Johnson Administration, for more government welfare spending. Adding to the New Deal’s AFDC (Aid-to-Families-with-Dependent-Children) policy, President Lyndon Johnson and congress as part of his “War on Poverty” initiative made more welfare benefits available to low-income families.

The AFDC policy originally only provided welfare benefits to widows with dependent children, but Johnson and his cronies changed it to benefit all unmarried women with children. This essentially made marriage undesirable for many low-income Americans, since “why get married if you can receive more welfare benefits for being unmarried?” The ethnic group most negatively affected by this novel opportunity for Americans to be “more dependent” on the government for their incomes was the black community. In the decades following the 60’s, poverty, single-motherhood, and crime within the black community increased to unfathomable levels, leaving many wondering “what went wrong?”
Since then, to maintain their political authority in society, Democrats have relied on the black vote. You might ask, why would any group continues to vote for a party that contributed in reducing their community to a state of significant inequality? The answer is this ; LIES! Democrat politicians, like most other politicians, are highly concerned with maintaining political stability and popularity, and they are incapable of do that without telling lies. This is a strange phenomenon (lying) that must be purposefully generated when a political party no longer has anything useful to offer to it’s voters, so in turn, they must incessantly invent issues to “keep in the game.” Hence the consistent fraudulent claims from typical Democrats and leftists that America is “systemically racist”, that blacks are being “disproportionately killed” by police brutality, that riots are necessary when injustices occur, and the list goes on.


This is the unfortunate reality we now face in America, one where politicians and influential activists can lucidly craft false narratives, perpetuate fiction, and dishonor our history by calling for its destruction. The great lengths people will go to in their endeavors to preserve their positions of authority, “the lust for power” so to speak, their lies are driving the emotions of the deceived, and the deceived, in turn, are destroying this country.

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