Independence Day Tucked Away As Newsom Strikes Again

It’s July, and in my home state of California, Coronavirus cases are on the rise again. This “surge” in cases apparently was something that caught Gov. Newsom by surprise (as if he didn’t expect the amount of cases to rise as things started opening back up), so he has decided to obliterate the upcoming Holiday plans of numerous Californian’s by reinstating some of his previously applied arbitrary rules and restrictions. 

Some of these reinstated edicts consist of ; no dining in at restaurants, no family entertainment, no theaters, no bars, and the most heartbreaking, no firework shows. Newsom said on Tuesday, “We’ll be looking at the health orders in relation to indoor vs. outdoor activities, the Fourth of July” adding, “more broadly, beyond the Fourth of July.” With the states economy just recently beginning it’s uphill recovery from the three month long, Democrat enacted, “Safer at Home” order (an order that mandated the total shutdown of all businesses and activities deemed non-essential), a significant portion of small businesses are now being forced a second time to halt production in order to meet the demands of the state. 

But what is the state demanding? Aside from the destructive application of various restrictions, their message is very transparent ; they get to decide what is safe, and whatever activities they deem unsafe, are to be regarded by everyone as indisputably unsafe. On Wednesday, Newsom announced that he had personally took part in putting together new “multi-agency strike teams”, these strike teams would be dispersed throughout the state with the intent to monitor and regulate the possible disobedience of its citizens in relation to the reinstated edicts. Some of the agencies comprising the new “strike teams” are the CHP, Department of Consumer Affairs and Department of Business Oversight, and they are aiming at obtaining utter compliance from any business that dare act in opposition to Newsom’s orders.

If that wasn’t enough tyrannical nonsense, the state also decided to shutdown, not the beaches themselves, but instead the beach parking lots. This will apparently ensure that the amount of people visiting the the beaches is limited to those who reside in the nearby areas, a novel idea, but one that might have unintended consequences. Such as, where will the other beach-goers flock to instead of the beaches? But such is the logic of our leaders who appear more and more to not know what they are doing. 

As for Newsom’s suggestions on how Californians should spend the Fourth of July, he said “I hope you will reconsider those gatherings with people you do not live with or who are not in your immediate household.” But this is a preposterous request to make to people who have had their livelihoods, businesses, churches, and communities stripped of there freedoms for several months. It is true that most people have tolerated the temporary closure of dine-in-restaurants, theaters, family entertainment activities, and other indoor areas which attract significant congregation, but instructing patriotic flag loving Americans to avoid gathering with one another on a Holiday unique only to this great country is not acceptable. 

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught journalist and Christian apologist. He owns and operates his personal blog The Onlookers Publication :

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