Removing Artwork That Isn’t “Diverse” Enough

At The University of Rhode Island (another irritative ideology manufacturing plant masquerading as an institute for higher learning), two 1953 folk-art murals, one depicting World War II veterans, are expected to be removed after their mere presence in the school was deemed atmospherically “insensitive” by indoctrinated students.

 Kathy Collins, the Vice President of Student Affairs at the university, said that some students had informed the school that even sitting near the mural, particularly the one featuring white GI’s, made them feel uncomfortable. Complaints arose with respect to the murals depiction of “predominantly white” people and the portrayal of a “very homogenous population.” Suffice it to say, you can’t make this stuff up.

In an effort to restore tranquility to the campus environment, that is to say make the “non-ethnically-inclusive” murals go away, the school has decided to temporarily cover them up. But soon they will be removed and replaced. Collins remarked, “It is essential that students see in our buildings, publications and graphics a devotion to equity, community and diversity. For students of color and other minorities, campus administrators, faculty, alumni and other community members these murals show what many in the URI community experience all too frequently–being left out of the picture or conversation.”

In addition to this incident is another similar one from the University of Oregon. Murals in the Knight Library depicting native Americans have been under scrutiny by several student and faculty groups for years, but now in the wake of George Floyd’s death the school has decided to cover them permanently. University of Oregon Provost Patrick Phillips said that the covering of the murals was “long overdue.” He also added in a statement, “this is a historic time in our country, and we need to listen to members of our community who have felt the hurt and sting of racism on our campus.”  

In a post on the Universities website, concerning the covering of the murals, the opening paragraph begins with ; “In a move to acknowledge conversations about anti-racism taking place around the world amid the Black Lives Matter movement, the University of Oregon has ordered four murals in the Knight Library that contain racist, exclusionary language and imagery to be covered.”

At educational institutions across the states, the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity are being followed religiously by professors and faculty alike. These principles are the components of an intolerant orthodoxy aimed at producing a culture of victimhood, where everyone has unquestionably become a victim of someone or something. Never has this orthodoxy been effectively challenged, so it continues to mercilessly brainwash the unsuspecting minds of our young people. Even now, according to the believers of this relatively new orthodoxy, artwork has proven to be a mechanism of victimization. Murals that can be unintelligibly proved racially insensitive or insufficiently “diverse” can be covered up or removed.

These kinds of incidents prompt us to question the overall usefulness of the universities in general. It’s clear that the academic environment at these schools has largely perished and been inadequately substituted with something unimaginably pernicious. Look out!

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught writer and Christian apologist. He owns and operates his personal blog The Onlookers Publication: You can follow him on Twitter @shetler_dylan

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