The Importance of Fundamental Beliefs

How we choose to answer certain fundamental questions about our existence plays an indescribably influential role in our prospective thinking. Fundamental questions pre-exist the construction of our belief system. Whether or not our belief system is assembled upon reliable answers to these questions is what concerns us the most. But it should be noted, that reliable and meaningful answers to these weighty questions are required for life to ever seem genuinely worthwhile.

Almost all of the fundamental presumptions on which my overwhelmingly “Western” belief system rests upon are frequently classified by most contemporary philosophers as irrational. Does this mean I should scrap them and find more reasonable ones to take their place? And “reasonable” by whose yardstick? Unfortunately most contemporary philosophers, particularly the hyper-rational and post-modern types are driving the individual into a chaotic landscape by appealing to his naturally rebellious proclivities. Messing with what has existed from time immemorial, is a precarious and grave business.

So, it is essential that we “build our houses on the rock.” Doing this, for some, involves the adoption of beliefs that they might suppose by modern standards to be irrational. But it is amusing to see, that what beliefs these modernists have deemed “rational”, are in actuality existentially hollow, morally bankrupt, and possess no capacity whatsoever to transform one’s life for the better.

Alas, on a macro-societal level, rationalism can only provide the spiritually devoid with “houses on sand.” Weak fundamentals inevitably prove wholly substandard in enduring the throes of life.

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught writer and Christian apologist. He owns and operates his personal blog The Onlookers Publication:

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  1. Really great thoughts, thank you for sharing. I do agree; we need to have our beliefs set on a firm foundation. And I believe, the sooner we are able to set our firm beliefs, the stronger they will hold…
    Thanks again!

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