1. Really great selection!! I have War And Peace and Animal Farm and am going to read them, eventually, hopefully sooner than later… Have you read all those books on your shelf?

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    1. Thanks! Since this is the newest section In my library I have only read 11 of them. I haven’t read War and Peace, but I have finished Animal Farm (which I would recommend you read as soon as you can). It is basically just an allegory of the Russian revolution. Instead of the revolutionaries being anarchists and such, Orwell makes them farm animals. I needn’t spoil it for you, so I won’t expound any further.

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      1. Okay, cool! Thank you; I appreciate you not spoiling anything. I’ve heard that I really need to read it and am planning on it, as soon as I finish a couple others. 😊

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  2. Maps of meaning?! Let me know if it is any good. I have been curious about the work of Dr. Peterson. I have been listening to his lectures for years. I first found out about him from the first debate he had with Sam Harris.

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    1. Hello Peter,

      I read Maps of Meaning earlier this year. It is an exceptional work. Dr. Peterson spent over 10 years writing it. According to him, he rewrote each sentence over 50 times before obtaining a sense of satisfaction in his phycologically/religiously based academic hypothesis. Because of my fervid Christian faith I read it with a pinch of salt (so to speak), but in the end, I discovered I had learned gained a deeper understanding of some of the most important – but often neglected – aspects of life. An example might be from the last chapter of the book, in which Dr. Peterson makes a compelling case for why the worst type of lies are the ones we tell ourselves. In brief, it is a great book with many profound philosophical perspectives. I think you would enjoy it. Here is a link to an online PDF version of the book. I happened to be fortunate enough to purchase an actual copy of it, since it seems to have become an unobtainable item, at least for a reasonable price :

      Click to access peterson_mapsofmeaning-en.pdf

      Also, I do recall his debates with Sam Harris. I haven’t read any of Sam’s books, perhaps out of fear that they might induce some kind of disillusionment in my beliefs (purely rationalist thinkers have quite a skill for this). A similar phycological phenomenon occurred when I read Carl Jung for the first time (as well as Nietzche).

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      1. I appreciate the feedback regarding Maps of Meaning as well as the link.

        I understand your concerns regarding Sam Harris. His atheism does run pretty deep. However, I actually find his commentary on religion quite boring. It is somewhat predictable. I enjoy listening to his Making Sense podcast, due to the fact he does bring in an eclectic guess from various fields.

        Even if you are of strong Christian faith, it may be worthwhile still read his books on religion. It could serve to strengthen your counter-arguments against atheism. If you firmly understand all of the arguments against religion, you can spot all the blind spots in atheistic arguments.

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      2. Insightful point. And hopefully the link will be of some utility to you. I will likely read Sams books in the future, as well as the books of many other similar-minded thinkers. My present difficulty is finding the time to examine things at a deeper level. Intellectually challenging endeavors are indispensable to my lifestyle, nevertheless they require much time and mental stamina, neither of which I have much of at this time.

        Again, I value the word of advice,

        Ad meliora

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      3. No problem. Unfortunately, there seems to never be enough hours in the day. We all do the best we can with the time allotted. The one resource that once it is lost. It is truly fine for good.


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