Sanders Surging, Democrats Hurting

It’s no surprise to those who have been politically attentive for the last five months why Senator Bernie Sanders has exceeded in popularity among Democratic voters. Throughout the last 4 years, Sanders, as well as a few other radicals have compelled the Democratic Party to the far-left side of the political spectrum, resulting in a … Continue reading Sanders Surging, Democrats Hurting

Everything That Glitters Is Gold

America's culture has a tendency to transmit the false notion to our citizens (and non-citizens) that the government, has other roles to play, rather than simply maintaining national security and protecting our constitutional rights. Sure, young people and the uninformed are tremendously fond of government run social programs, the ongoing narrative seems to be that … Continue reading Everything That Glitters Is Gold

Prejudice And Opinion, Two Different Things

When assessing the Democrats, are they (as they claim) faithfully in pursuit of justice and truth? Is the impeachment of Donald Trump as necessary as they express it to be? How about the GOP senators, is it reasonable to say that they are all actively participating in a political “coverup?” Instead of letting the American … Continue reading Prejudice And Opinion, Two Different Things