Guilty China And Lots of Liars

In a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants, extremely confined vertical housing, and lots of densely populated spaces, China looks like it handled its own infectious virus quite well, doesn't It? They undoubtedly were able to "flatten the curve" as the timely slogan goes (this means not allowing the ongoing disease to exceed a given countries … Continue reading Guilty China And Lots of Liars

Coming Out Looking Good

Without endeavoring to think it over once more, coronavirus has become an absolute catastrophe for America, and it has a pretty decent shot of becoming much more than that if our government decides to make any further disadvantageous, irreversible decisions. But unfortunately, that’s what governments tend to do. No, I don’t perceive for a moment … Continue reading Coming Out Looking Good

Save Money, Don’t Use Instacart

For those that have decided to quarantine themselves until, well, whenever the day comes that this novel virus decides to decrease in effectiveness, my prayers are with you. The company Instacart has gained much usage over the past week, not because people are uninterested in vacating their homes occasionally to gather the resources (food) necessary … Continue reading Save Money, Don’t Use Instacart

Recalling Communal Sanity Instead of Collective Distress

I spent a good portion of my morning fighting the swarms of “scavenger shoppers” at the local Costco. I ended up obtaining what I needed (the most desirable item on the market presently - toilet paper), but the atmosphere was one of dismay and discontent. It’s evident that people don’t find great joy in being … Continue reading Recalling Communal Sanity Instead of Collective Distress

Reasoning With The Unreasonable

“The cause of this phenomena is provoked by the disinterest in thought itself” From a conservative prospect, or for that matter any right-of-center viewpoint, colleges and universities across the US haven’t seemed very thrilled about the notion of “thinking” anymore, or at least real thinking. In actuality, free thought is no longer a popularity at … Continue reading Reasoning With The Unreasonable

Sanders Surging, Democrats Hurting

It’s no surprise to those who have been politically attentive for the last five months why Senator Bernie Sanders has exceeded in popularity among Democratic voters. Throughout the last 4 years, Sanders, as well as a few other radicals have compelled the Democratic Party to the far-left side of the political spectrum, resulting in a … Continue reading Sanders Surging, Democrats Hurting

Everything That Glitters Is Gold

America's culture has a tendency to transmit the false notion to our citizens (and non-citizens) that the government, has other roles to play, rather than simply maintaining national security and protecting our constitutional rights. Sure, young people and the uninformed are tremendously fond of government run social programs, the ongoing narrative seems to be that … Continue reading Everything That Glitters Is Gold

Prejudice And Opinion, Two Different Things

When assessing the Democrats, are they (as they claim) faithfully in pursuit of justice and truth? Is the impeachment of Donald Trump as necessary as they express it to be? How about the GOP senators, is it reasonable to say that they are all actively participating in a political “coverup?” Instead of letting the American … Continue reading Prejudice And Opinion, Two Different Things

The Root Of The Economical Differences Between Conservatives And Left-Wingers

You often hear of prominent conservative media pundits and speakers denouncing the further implementation of “big government” social programs within the United States, because of their obvious incapabilities to co-exist with a free society. Conservatives are most notorious for advocating the notion of “less” government spending, while leftism stipulates the government is the biggest utilizable … Continue reading The Root Of The Economical Differences Between Conservatives And Left-Wingers

The Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais, And The Hypocritical Left

Interestingly enough, It wasn’t necessary for me to watch the Golden Globe awards this past Sunday. Instead, the entire show made it’s way into my news feed, and not for the reasons one would expect. No, I don’t pay much heed to celebrity news (as if it’s worthy of my attention), but a certain comedian … Continue reading The Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais, And The Hypocritical Left