The End Of An Era

Notice : The following piece is purely opinion and was written with the intention to articulate my thoughts on the Trump presidency. The 2020 presidential election undoubtedly generated an incredible amount of enthusiasm among Americans. Although some would contend that it is not yet over, the outcome, at present seems quite clear ; Joe Biden […]

What Does It Mean To Vote?

Underlying the argument for lowering the voting age to 16 is the preposterous notion that a person’s accumulated maturity, demographic, and existing political knowledge play almost no part in determining their suitability to vote. Along the lines of classical western thought, voting was frequently considered an obtained privilege bestowed strictly to the responsible and contributing […]

Democrats Further Discredit Themselves Amidst Shutdowns

By Dylan Shetler “They think they know better than the people” Are some governors merely “out-of-touch” with the feelings of their citizens, or have they become accustomed to regularly having enormous amounts of incontestable authority? Perhaps it’s neither of these proposed inferences, others certainly think this is the case. For the last two months many […]