About Me

I frequently explain to people, “I am an intellectual in the flesh, but a Christian at heart”, and as long as that remains so, all should be well for me here on earth. I started this website in March of 2019 looking to share my opinions with the World Wide Web. I have met many individuals who share the same desire, so we learn from each other and grow in knowledge, and sometimes “understanding.”

My name is Dylan Shetler, I’m a 15 year old conservative Christian apologist from Southern California. I am presently homeschooled, and I occasionally take CLEP tests though the UoP (University of Phoenix) to obtain “college credits” for a degree I am attempting to complete.

I have been learning piano since the age of 9, and I absolutely have no clue how any individual can claim that they only admire specific types of music, because all music is unique. But that’s my perspective, or possibly just something you learn when you study music.

You can email me : dylanrshetler@gmail.com

Some Wise Quotes.

Never discourage anyone… who continually makes progress no matter how slow.


I know of no way of judging the future, but by the past.

Patrick Henry

Either Jesus was the world’s greatest liar, or he is who he says he is.


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