Democrats Further Discredit Themselves Amidst Shutdowns

By Dylan Shetler "They think they know better than the people" Are some governors merely “out-of-touch” with the feelings of their citizens, or have they become accustomed to regularly having enormous amounts of incontestable authority? Perhaps it’s neither of these proposed inferences, others certainly think this is the case. For the last two months many … Continue reading Democrats Further Discredit Themselves Amidst Shutdowns

Coronavirus Snippets

In last week’s column, I discussed the existence of Coronavirus politics within America, how both sides had unsurprisingly divided themselves on the issue, and what that divide meant for the future of the country. Today, I just decided to write some snippets about this global catastrophe. Enjoy, The Initiator, And President Trump’s Response Whether or … Continue reading Coronavirus Snippets

Coronavirus Politics, An Unfortunate Reality

It occurred to me in early March, that the Coronavirus was more than just the seasonal flu. It wasn’t as if the virus had a unique way of dispersing its victims corpses across a reasonable extent of time, equivalent, to say, a year. If this was so, it would have been more understandable to classify … Continue reading Coronavirus Politics, An Unfortunate Reality

The Future Of The Biden Campaign Amongst The Divided Democrat Party

If you would have asked me not more than two months ago which candidate I thought would be victorious in obtaining the Democratic nomination, I would have explained to you with utmost certainty, that Bernie Sanders would soon be the face of the party. Then Super Tuesday rolled around, and it was once again revealed … Continue reading The Future Of The Biden Campaign Amongst The Divided Democrat Party