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Leaders Consult The Make-Believe And Bury Reality

Throughout this crisis one thing continues to remain almost universally true ; we’ve all seen better days. Aside from the media induced “collective-coronavirus-hysteria” (the emotional effects of which many have unfortunately succumb to), it’s critical that we do not neglect to recall the invaluable freedoms we once possessed prior to there unexpected confiscation by our […]

Exploiting Lies For Political Gain And Destroying The Country In The Process

In the time comprising the last month, a large portion of Americans have been sold numerous lies and falsehoods by multiple political organizations, corrupt politicians, and disreputable news outlets. These lies (I could almost say) are innumerable in quantity, and those who have been engaged in circulating them are not interested in admitting to their […]

Destroying Coronavirus Or Bust Is Not A Plan For Recovery

Lately, I have strangely found myself scoffing at certain news headlines, particularly ones that include the words “Experts Say.” It is as if I have developed this peculiar disdain for the very people whose opinions recent mainstream narratives are suggesting we should regard as sensible and perceptive. In addition, it seems that in recent months […]

Democrats Further Discredit Themselves Amidst Shutdowns

By Dylan Shetler “They think they know better than the people” Are some governors merely “out-of-touch” with the feelings of their citizens, or have they become accustomed to regularly having enormous amounts of incontestable authority? Perhaps it’s neither of these proposed inferences, others certainly think this is the case. For the last two months many […]