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Destroying Coronavirus Or Bust Is Not A Plan For Recovery

Lately, I have strangely found myself scoffing at certain news headlines, particularly ones that include the words “Experts Say.” It is as if I have developed this peculiar disdain for the very people whose opinions recent mainstream narratives are suggesting we should regard as sensible and perceptive. In addition, it seems that in recent months […]

Democrats Further Discredit Themselves Amidst Shutdowns

By Dylan Shetler “They think they know better than the people” Are some governors merely “out-of-touch” with the feelings of their citizens, or have they become accustomed to regularly having enormous amounts of incontestable authority? Perhaps it’s neither of these proposed inferences, others certainly think this is the case. For the last two months many […]

The Future Of The Biden Campaign Amongst The Divided Democrat Party

If you would have asked me not more than two months ago which candidate I thought would be victorious in obtaining the Democratic nomination, I would have explained to you with utmost certainty, that Bernie Sanders would soon be the face of the party. Then Super Tuesday rolled around, and it was once again revealed […]